Institut Malien de Recherche Action pour la Paix

Strengthening trust between justice actors and communities in Central Mali

“In our commune, people no longer go to the courts. When there are conflicts, dozo hunters are called in to settle them; they are in great demand. They come without trying to understand (the issues) and they don’t even know the procedures for managing conflicts. They commit a lot of injustice because all the denunciations are not always well founded.” -Young resident in Niono

Report: Self-Portrait of Mali on the Obstacles to Peace [English version of report] (March 2015)

Executive summary in English of the two precedent reports

English Executive Summary  and Documentary film (English Version):  Beyond Ideology and Greed Trajectories of Young People towards new forms of violence in Côte d’Ivoire and Mali (October 2016)

« I walk with the boys » Trajectories of young people towards violence: mirror of the gender dynamics of their society? Illustrated Synthesis in English

“From trial to success” Women’s participation in the defense and security forces in Mali: a vehicle for trust? Illustrated Synthesis in English

“Portraits Croisés – Local Analysis of Conflict and Resilience Dynamics in the Cercles of Ansongo, Bourem and Gao” Illustrated Synthesis in English